The Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas NV
April 23-25th 2017

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Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas
April 23-25th

1-on-1 Research Meetings

A key element of the program that make the MIDTECH Summits so valuable for delegate attendees are the one-on-one research meetings with leading solution providers.

This system presents the most targeted and time efficient medium to research the latest technology and innovation from solution providers well placed to address your unique needs. On average, a staggering 94% of delegate attendees identified new solutions they planned to implement.

This equates to real take home results from the Summit to address your toughest challenges, create competitive advantage and demonstrate massive ROI.


Why is it so effective at identifying relevant new partners and solutions?

The system yields such strong results for a number of reasons. Firstly, the majority of MIDTECH delegate attendees are senior-level executives dealing with the day to day challenges of managing people, facilities, process, systems, budgets and putting out fires. Sound familiar?

There is generally very little time left in the day to research all the various new technology and innovation that is constantly emerging from the market. The internet is definitely a useful tool for this process, but who has the time to sift through 10-15 different sites trying to figure out who is worth a meeting?

Traditional Exhibitions can be very helpful, but too often, the time in the exhibit hall is spent running the gauntlet trying to dodge the hawkers pulling you in with cheap giveaways. We’ve all been there! It is also common just to gravitate to the solution providers you know. It’s very hard to find new solution providers that might be a good fit amid the masses, and then connect with a senior-level executive who can talk at your level.

At MIDTECH there is a huge amount of ground work done on your behalf, to ensure you are connected with the solution providers most relevant for your key upcoming projects / initiatives, your company size, industry vertical and specific areas of interest. You provide all this information once as you register and we then sift through the lineup of potential strategic partners ranging from all manner of service companies, software companies, hardware, security, business services, etc to select those that are well placed to address your needs.

As we create the schedules for all delegate attendees and all exhibitors well in advance of the event, the exhibitors are able to prepare customized information based on your company background and areas of interest. And because all the representatives from the exhibitors are senior-level executives, you’ll receive excellent quality information and service. The result? Those 94% of Delegate Attendees who have identified relevant new partners.

You can let us know any specific exhibitors you’d like to meet and we arrange the appointment. You also have the chance to review and approve all the exhibitor meetings we schedule based on your areas of interest to ensure they are a good fit. Our sole aim in this process is to connect you with solution providers who might be good partners, so as long as we receive detailed information from you in advance, we will generally achieve this.

At the Event

These appointments will occur in the Exhibitor Meeting booths in the Exhibit Hall. There are 2, 2 hour windows over the 1 ½ day program where you will connect with up to 10 or more carefully selected exhibitors for an informal 25 minute meeting.

What Past Attendees think about the Appointment System:

How would you rate the pre-booked appointments as an effective medium for researching and sourcing solutions compared to a traditional trade show?

40% Excellent 46% Very Good 12% Good 2% Fair 0% Poor

Do you see the potential of placing and order or partnering with an exhibitor you connected with at the event?

94% Yes 6% No

Did you feel the Event was an effective use of your time?

95% Yes 4% No 1% No Answer