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MangoApps provides modern social intranets allowing workers to securely collaborate from anywhere in the world and from any device. Social, mobile, and easy to use. MangoApps has been named a “Market Leader” by Ovum Research and a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner. 20,000+ business customers worldwide trust MangoApps as their modern intranet platform. Cloud or on-premise. Try MangoApps free here:


• Collaboration Platform
• Company Intranet
• File Storage, Sync, & Share
• Project Management
• Task management
• Video Conferencing & Screen sharing
• Instant Messaging
• Idea Management
• Screen Capture, Annotate, & Share


• Christies
• Berkshire Hathaway
• UK National Health Service
• Panasonic
• Duke University
• Kelly-Moore Paints
• Qiwi Financial
• Marchex
• Sony


• All mid-sized companies and organizations (200-5,000 employees)


“I love how collaborative it is. Having the ability to setup groups and projects and then being able to add users who are not part of our company on top of that is wonderful. Plus, the support staff is great. Very quick response times for tickets.”
> Jim House, IT Director, United Way

“I like the fact that it combines file sharing, intranet pages, knowledge sharing, project management, discussion groups wrapped in communication all in one app.”
> Brad Ehlert, IT Director, Burnham Industries

“I love most things about MangoApps. One thing I love is the company as a whole. When I submit feedback and questions or ideas, I usually get a response fairly quickly with a good description about how my ideas or problems will be dealt with. I appreciate that the company values our opinions and takes our ideas into account. I love using this software with our company where we can all collaborate and comment on everything we are working on. “
> Zach Howard, Controller, Wada Farms